Laser Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Peak City Dentistry on Nov 29 2021, 08:32 AM

Laser dentistry refers to the use of lasers during dental treatments. It is powered by modern technology that uses light energy to treat oral diseases. Lasers enable non-invasive treatment and provide precise results of the treatment. In Apex, NC, Peak City Dentistry employs modern technologies like lasers that enable better treatment of our patients.

Benefits of Laser Treatment

  • Laser treatment minimizes the amount of bleeding.
  • It lowers the chances of bacterial infections after the treatment.
  • Laser treatment enables faster healing of the treatment area.
  • Less damage is caused to the tissues surrounding the treatment site.
  • There is a decreased need for sutures after laser treatment. 
Dental Conditions Treated Through Lasers
  • Laser is used during the teeth whitening process to help to hasten the procedure.
  • They are used to repair worn-out dental fillings. 
  • They are used to expose impacted wisdom teeth.
  • Lasers are used to shape the gum tissue in treating gummy smiles.
  • They help remove tissues that cause problems to dental health.
  • Lasers help treat periodontal diseases. 

What Happens During a Laser Treatment?

Lasers provide for easier processes compared to traditional dental treatment methods. Patients who are anxious about the treatment are provided a sedative to reduce the stress and discomfort regarding the procedure. The patient is then seated on the dental chair. 

The laser can be used for either hard tissue or soft tissue procedures. The laser device is directed towards the area to be treated and the light is emitted to treat it. The time required for the laser treatment depends on the dental condition of the patient. It is more efficient than traditional treatments and provides better outcomes to the patient and requires fewer dental appointments. 

Visit the Dentist

If you have been avoiding your traditional dental procedures, you can opt for laser treatments. It causes minimal risks and enables faster healing. Laser dentistry is a cost-effective method of treatment that promotes advanced care for your dental health. 

Peak City Family Dentistry, located at 200 W. Chatham St., Apex, NC, 27502, has modern technologies that enable the best dental treatments for patients. Call (919) 362-8797 and book a consultation with the dentistry to know more about laser dentistry and other dental treatments.

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