Intraoral Cameras and Their Benefits in Dental Treatments

Posted by Peak City Dentistry on Oct 14 2021, 07:12 AM

As technological advancements are continuously improving everyone's daily lives, they have also helped the development of new tools and techniques in dentistry. One such example is intraoral cameras. These cameras help both patients and dentists acquire a better and clearer understanding of dental conditions and provide more successful treatment plans for each patient. 

At Peak City Family Dental in Apex, North Carolina, we believe in using the most advanced technologies to provide better care and more precise diagnoses and treatments for our patients and regularly use innovative tools like intraoral cameras in our practice.

What Are Intraoral Cameras?

An intraoral camera is a small digital camera used by our dentists to photograph difficult-to-reach areas of the mouth. The gadget is the size and shape of a pen and is wrapped in a disposable sheath to prevent germ transmission. The intraoral camera does not expose patients to radiation, which is one of its most significant advantages.

Intraoral cameras take precise photographs of every tooth and broadcast them on a screen. The collected photos can be preserved and magnified up to 30 times, allowing our patients and us to see every detail of each tooth in vivid color.

How Do Intraoral Cameras Work?

A small lens is attached to the tip of the intraoral camera. The camera is linked to our dentist's computer and, as the camera moves, images are captured and uploaded to the computer for viewing. Intraoral cameras have excellent zoom capabilities and deliver very clear photographs.

Modern intraoral cameras enable dentists to freeze specific pictures and study them more closely. The photos can be enlarged, categorized, saved for future use. 

Intraoral cameras are very efficient in terms of image quality, speed, and ease of use. Many functions in intraoral cameras can be automated, saving both the dentist and the patient time and effort.

The Advantages of Using Intraoral Cameras for Dental Treatment

  • Intraoral cameras help in the early detection of any dental issues that are gradually developing
  • They are useful for emergency dental treatments
  • They allow dentists to keep track of any modifications or progress of a treatment plan more easily 
  • By offering better and more precise images of the entire mouth, they help increase the accuracy and results of dental treatments

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