Flossing Prevents Tartar Buildup

Posted by Peak City Dentistry on Dec 23 2021, 10:32 PM

“To avoid tartar buildup, brush your teeth at least two times a day.” We have often heard this instruction. But did you know it is important to floss as well? There are spots that can be missed when you brush. Flossing has it covered for you!

How to Identify Tartar Buildup

Tartar in the mouth feels like a rough surface that brushing by itself cannot remove. Tartar that forms below the gumline can create severe inflammations that bleed. If the buildup above the gumline is not removed, it becomes yellow or tan and grows bigger. It could be brown or black beneath the gumline.

Can Mouthwash Replace Floss?

The simple answer is no. Mouthwash helps to rinse your mouth, gum, and teeth. Using an antiseptic mouthwash helps to reduce bacteria and fight against bad breath. But mouthwash may not be able to remove food particles that are lodged between the teeth.

Floss to the Rescue! How Flossing Prevents Tartar

According to the American Dental Association, flossing is an essential part of teeth and gum care. Brushing helps to clean only the back and front of your teeth. Flossing does much more.

Plaque is formed when food remains are combined with bacteria in the mouth. If it is not removed quickly, plaque can form tartar. This could erode your tooth enamel and cause gum diseases.

Dental floss helps to remove plaque. Bad breath is caused by the bacteria growing in your mouth. By eliminating bacteria, plaque and the subsequent tartar formation are also prevented. 

When to Floss?

We recommend flossing before you brush. It will help loosen the plaque stuck between your teeth. When you brush  after flossing, the plaque and bacteria can easily be removed.

Proper Flossing Method

It is important to follow the right method to avoid hurting your gums:

  • Start by pulling dental floss from the container.
  • Break off 18 inches of floss. Hold it firmly around each of your middle fingers.
  • Wind the ends around your forefinger and thumb. Keep winding until you have about 5 cm between your fingers.
  • Curve the floss in a ‘C’ shape between your tooth.   
  • Slide the floss between your teeth using a rocking motion and clean your teeth.
  • Repeat these steps for each tooth with a new set of floss.
  • Remember to floss the back teeth as well!

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