CEREC® Crowns As a Last-Minute Christmas Gift

Posted by PEAK CITY FAMILY DENTISTRY on Dec 16 2022, 11:56 PM

If you need a last-minute Christmas gift for a loved one, then you may want to consider getting him or her dental crowns. Dental crowns can correct a number of common dental issues, including cracked or chipped teeth, gaps between teeth, and discoloration. They are long-lasting and durable while also improving the appearance of your smile. They can also help to restore a tooth’s strength and shape so that you can bite down and normally eat again. Plus, CEREC® crowns are convenient since you can get them in just a single visit!

How Does CEREC® Crown Work

Getting a crown requires the removal of a small amount of tooth enamel so that the crown can fit properly over the tooth. The crown is then bonded to the tooth using dental-grade adhesive. This means that you don’t have to wait for your permanent crown to be made in a lab and then fitted. Instead, CEREC® crowns can be milled right in our office while you wait. That means you can get your crown and be on your way faster.

Choosing Crown Material

When you are choosing a crown material, you also need to consider the cost, durability, appearance, and comfort of the material. Porcelain crowns are often the best choice because they closely resemble the appearance and texture of your natural teeth. They also don’t show wear as quickly as resin crowns do, so they will last you longer. Resin crowns, however, are less expensive since they are less durable and take longer to mill than porcelain ones. However, both are excellent materials that can be used when getting a CEREC® crown.

Taking Care of the CEREC® Crown

You’ll need to take good care of your CEREC crown just as you would your other teeth. That means brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and avoiding sugary foods and drinks. You should also be sure to attend all of your six-month checkups and cleanings. These appointments ensure that there’s less chance of infection or other complications with your crown.

If you are looking for a last-minute gift for someone this holiday season, consider getting them a CEREC® crown. You can get them one in a single appointment, which means no waiting and no downtime. Talk to the dentist in Apex today to learn more! Our team at Peak City Family Dentistry can offer you the best dental care in Apex, North Carolina. To schedule an appointment, call (919) 362-8797 or visit us at 200 W. Chatham St., Apex, NC 27502.

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